The Complete Offical 1275cc Sprite/Midget

Book Info:

The Complete Official 1275cc Sprite/Midget 1967-1974, ©1975 Robert Bentley Inc, 100 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, mass 02138

ISBN 0 8376 0127 4

This manual is a compilation of factory publications distributed to British Leyland dealers, and therefore details how to repair nearly everything just the way headquarters recommended. The wiring diagrams are very detailed and handy as are all of the repair and service instructions. This manual is 400 pages long and on the back claims to have 411 illustrations. Not one of those illustrations is a photograph, but it does have some good technical drawings and cutaways. Unlike lesser manuals this one never suggests that you take your car to a BL dealer (for obvious reasons). Instead, it tells you to use special service tools that are no longer available and it apparently omits information on how to perform tasks that the Haynes manuals claim should be done by a dealer. Also handy is the inclusion of the drivers handbook from a RWA model

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