The A-Series Engine: It's First Sixty Years

Book Info:

Robson, Graham., The A-Series Engine: It's First Sixty Years,, ©2011 Haynes Publishing Sparkford, Yeovil, Somerset, UK

ISBN 978 0 85733 083 3

This is quite possibly, the ultimate companion book to David Vizard's Tuning The A-Series engine. This book does an excellent job at telling the whole story of the A-series engine and describes in some detail every single variant, many proposed replacements, and how it soldiered on as long as it did. Graham Robson has written over 140 books on the history of the motoring industry, and in the forward he said he'd wanted to write about the a-series for some time. This book is very thouroghly researched and is perhaps the best history of our favorite little engine ever written. It does for the history what Vizard did for tuning and technical undrstanding.

©Seth Jones 8/19/2012