Automotive Smog Control Manual

Book Info:

Glenn, Harold T, Automotive Smog Control Manual, © 1968 Cowles Education Corporation, Look Building, 488 Madison Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10022

This book offers a fascinating window into another world. It helps explain why pollution control systems were made mandatory, what causes smog, and what systems have been developed by 1968 to control the problem. many of us live in a world that thankfully doesn't have to worry about the problems described in the book because technology has advanced so far beyond what it describes. Thats why so many of us just remove the smog equipment without thinking about it. So far this seems to be the best book I have found that explains how the emissions systems used on spridgets are supposed to work and how to test and maintain them. You can read it here

©Seth Jones 6/7/2011