Classic British Car Electrical Systems

Book Info:

Astley, Rick Classic British Car Electrical Systems, ©2009 Rick Astley and Veloce Publishing Limited, 33 Trinity Street, Dorchester Dt1 1TT, England

ISBN 978-184584215-4

This manual is perhaps the definitive book on how the electrical systems of your spridget work, how to maintain and repair them. It even explains how to upgrade some systems with the use of relays. It starts out by explaining some basic concepts of electricity and builds from there. It even includes a list of what every wire color means, as well as circuit diagrams for everything from horns to control boxes, to fuel pumps. This book claims that it is essential, and I think that claim is not to be taken lightly. It may not be cheap but it is worth it.

©Seth Jones 6/7/2011