Sprite-MG Midget Owners Handbook of Maintenance

Book Info:

Clymer, Floyd, Sprite-MG Midget Owners Handbook of Maintenance and Repair, © 1962 Floyd Clymer Publications, Los Angeles California

I haven't had much time to really read this volume in depth just yet. I friend I met at the Midget 50 sent me this book on a CD scanned as Tiff files and I spent a week turning it into a pdf. In many ways I think it is better than the Haynes manual, at least it looks like it. It tells you how to do some stuff that Haynes omits and vice versa. If you have a Mk I or MK II sprite or a MK I Midget try this manual. If nothing else it could be a nice supplement to the factory workshop manual. It contains a lot of good diagrams, and pictures. Best of all it includes a section detailing how they used to improve the performance of these cars 50 years ago when the cars were new. It contains the first complete set of installation instructions for putting the Judson supercharger on an early spridget that I have ever seen. Download it here for free (right click then save file).

©Seth Jones 6/7/2011