Great Marques: M.G

Book Info:

Harvey, Chris, Great Marques: M.G., © 1983 Octopus Books Ltd., 59 Grosvenor Street, London

ISBN 0-7064-1844-1

This is a short book with big pictures. At 9"x12.75" it takes up a fair bit of real estate on your coffee table, and at a mere 79 pages, it offers a crash course in the history of the famous marque. It doesn't make many mentions of spridgets, but it does help explain to those new to spridgets where the MG Midget name comes from. It also offers a very small tastes of the atmosphere at the abbigdon factory but not much substantial. The cars chosen for pictures aren't necessarily chosen for originality, but mostly for how nice they look.
It isn't something that would help a restorer, but if you want a coffee table book that your friends can read to help explain why you don't have to be entirely nuts to love MG's while you're busy in the kitchen making coffee, then this is the book for you. It is not nor ever tried to be like MG by McComb or other such books, nor does it need to be. This one was available at my local library. It's a very easy and quick read.

©Seth Jones 6/7/2011