Healey: The Handsome Brute

Book Info:

Harvey, Chris, Healey: The Handsome Brute, © 1978 Oxford Illustrated Press Ltd, Chris Harvey, St. Martin's Press Inc., 175 Fifth Ave, New York, N.Y. 10010

ISBN 0-312-36518-7

This book is about the Big Healey, and makes no apologies for it. I don't think it has to. Why am I reviewing it here? Well, even though it is all about one particular series of cars (that are not spridgets), it does have a few pictures of sprites, and it also offers a small window into the story of the Healey concern before sprites came along. It contains a lot of information on the history of the cars, technical specifications, racing successes, and even what to look for if one is buying one's first Big Healey.
Most interesting of all (to me anyway), are a few brief mentions of sprite enthusiasts. On page 221 it talks about the Healey Drivers Club, "With the inspiration of Thornley and the help of men such as Peter Browning and Les Needham, the club thrived despite bickering between opposing factions of Big Healey and Sprite owners. They have always tended to squabble." I can't be sure if they are still squabbling, but this book is definately worth reading.

©Seth Jones 8/4/2011