How To Restore British Sports Cars

Book Info:

Lamm, Jay, How To Restore British Sports Cars, ©1992 MBI Publishing Company PO Box 1, 729 Prospect Avenue, Osceola, WI

ISBN 0-87938-561-7

This book is one of the best guidebooks I have to car restoration. It gives a comprehensive overview of the process from selecting a car for restoration, to bodywork techniques and more. There are even a few spridget references in the book, though most of the illustartions are of an MGB, and Austin Healey 100, and a TR6. The book's aim is to help the average enthusast take a car in rough shape, and make it roadworthy, and presentable. It may give you a head start on building a class A show winner, but thats not what the book is about. The chapter on fiberglass repair should be of particular interest to Arkley or Lenham GT owners, or for anyone whose found a hardtop with a few stress cracks. Also has a good section on rust repair, paint, and preparing parts for chrome.

©Seth Jones 8/4/2011