BMC 'A' Series Tuning Manual

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Haynes, J.H., BMC 'A' Series Tuning Manual, ©1965 J H Haynes & Co. Ltd., London, W.I.

This may be the earliest spridget related haynes manual ever published. Some portions of this book are recognizable in later Owners Workshop Manuals, such as the section on the engine teardown and reassembly. Suprisingly small compared to the size and format of modern Haynes manuals, its only 120 pages and measures about 5.5" x 8.25". Inside one does find some possibly sound technical explenations and advice, but it also has some very bad advice. For example, it actually says that you should pour some water into a cylinder to check the compression ratio. While the theory behind the method is sound, putting water into the engine is a bad idea, and teher are better ways of doing this so its really not worth sharing. In addition, the images on page 28 have captions that go with the images on page 33 (and vice versa). Chapter 8 is especially confusing with the title B.M.C. 'A' Series as G.T. or Competition Cars - Suspension and Braking Modification.

Mostly this is because this is really two chapters with the braking and suspension portion comming first and the competition prep portion comming second. This is then oddly followed up with a chapter on conversion equipment and factory tuning, which is especially odd when several "conversion" parts were already discussed at some length in the previous chapter. I think the only nice thing about the book are some of the images and diagrams. It also happens to be the first time I' ve seen mention of the Arnott supercharger being used on an A-series, and offers one of the better explenations of the shorrock unit. However, the entire shorrock section was lifted from an autosport article already on my website. If you are interested in the history of the Haynes manuals then this is a bok for yoru collection. Otherwise, its not really worth it. I'll probibly glean what little useful information I can find from its pages for other tech articles but thats it.

©Seth Jones 8/27/2012