MG Midget & AH Sprite: Owners Workshop Manual

Book Info:

Haynes, J H, MG Midget & AH Sprite: Owners Workshop Manual ©1982, 1987 J H Haynes and Company Ltd, Sparkford Yeovil Somerset England

ISBN 0 85696 588 X

So far as I know this is the edition now in print and available through Moss Motors and others. It was the manual my Father used when I was growing up, and it shows the battle scars of countless repair projects. Its a decent manual, but the wiring diagrams lack the detail of the factory workshop manuals, and there aren't as many pictures as the previous edition. It does have enough information to help you get things done most of the time. This edition is 242 pages and somewhat condenses the A series portions seen in the previous edition.
It, like it's predecessor contains a few amusing cautions to have some jobs carried out by your local British Leyland agent. Its not my favorite manual to use, but its not bad either.

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