The Story of The M.G. Sports Car

Book Info:

McComb, F Wilson, The Story of The M.G. Sports Car, ©1972 F. Wilson Mc Comb, St. Martin's Press, Inc, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y. 10010

This is the first edition of what is now known as MG by McComb. This edition tells the story of the company from its beginning to the end of the BMC/BMH years in the late 1960s. Its organized into 8 chapters (corresponding to the sides of the famous octagon) and ends on a positive note assuring readers that MG's future is bright and that Abbigdon will continue to produce wonderful cars as it always has. F W McComb was intimately involved with the factory and is considered an authority on the subject. However, in the second edition, he states that he made a few errors in this edition, and that he considered it unsporting to say how he really felt about the British Motor Holdings/Leyland merger. Another interesting part of the book is the forward written by none other than the daughter of Cecil Kimber.

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