MG Midget Reborn

Book Info:

Birkin, Peter, MG Midget Reborn, ©1985 Haidee Publications, Grove Farm, Stratford Road, Whaddon, Bucks, MK17 0NF

ISBN 0 950734 0 0

This is a small book (only 80 pages) that follows the story of how an English Doctor (the author) restored a 1971 MG Midget over the course of seven years (1978 when the car was purchased, to 1985 shortly before the book was published). In many ways it seems that this book would have been a personal website if Dr. Birkin had written it a decade later. It is not a detailed how to book. In fact Dr. Birkin had Abingdon Classic Car Co. do all the bodywork. He simply drops it off and magically the next page it comes back in nice green paint.
Its value is not in instruction on how to restore components, but in summarizing the work that needs to be done in an enjoyable narrative. Someone who is looking to restore a spridget may find this a decent primer, but it is out of print, and there are more helpful books out there these days.

©Seth Jones 6/7/2011