On Midget/Sprite Restoration

Book Info:

Practical Classics & Car Restorer, On Midget/Sprite Restoration, Reprint from Practical Classics Magazine, Brooklands Books with permission

ISBN 0 948 207 48 5

This is a reprint of a series of articles on a project MKIII Midget in worse shape than my car is at the time of writing. They do things the hard way and cut out old rust, weld in patch panels and make some patches of their own. This shows step by step just how the restoration was completed with a ton of photographs and tips on how to get the job done. Most of the focus is given to the MkIII Midget/MKIV Sprite restoration work to the body, but some time is spent discussing the restoration they did on a MkI Sprite. Also included is an article on purchasing a spridget, and rebuilding the A-series gearbox. It is a brief, concise, and helpful resource with a rare insight into bringing a bodyshell back from the brink.

┬ęSeth Jones 6/7/2011