Restoring Sprites & Midgets: An Enthusiasts Guide

Book Info:

Bristow, Grahame, Restoring Sprites & Midgets: An Enthusiasts Guide, © Grahame Bristow and Brooklands Books Limited

ISBN 1 85520 598X

This is a great book explaining how many parts of the car work with great writing, photograophs and technical illustrations. the book is an enjoyable read and very informative. It includes several tips that will be helpful to anyone looking to restore a spridget. I like it a lot better than the Haynes equivalent since this book is a bit more complete and is not as boring. However, the author choses not to detail how a bodyshell may be rescued despite extensive rust damage, and instead focuses on how British Motor Heritage constructs new bodyshells (which may also be a useful reference). His focus is on how to restore a car by reshelling, so if you need to know how to replace inner and outer sills and patch everything up, look elsewhere. Still this book is a worthwhile addition to an enthusiasts library.

©Seth Jones 6/7/2011