SU Carburettor Tuning Tips & Techniques

Book Info:

Wade, G.R, et. al., SU Carburettor Tuning Tips & Techniques,5th Edition, ©1994 Brooklands Books Ltd., Cobham, Surrey, UK

ISBN 1 855 20255 7

This is in fact the 5th edition of a book that was originally titled Tuning S.U. Carburettors and was published by Speedsport Motorbooks in 1968. That book is an excellent resource in its own right and is distributed widely on in the internet as a pdf. The biggest advantage of this book over its predecessor is that it is the most up to date on SU carb and fuel pump models. Its information is a great deal more detailed and has a broader scope than the original. However, some of the original illustrations were lost and I find the basic tuning procedure a little harder to follow than the original 1968 edition. However, this only means that it is worthwhile to have this edition as well as the first. Use the first edition at tune up time (with your HS series carbs). Use this manual when its time to rebuild your carbs or SU fuel pump. It also explains how to modify the carbs to work with race fuel, and how to service the automatic choke found on some later models.

©Seth Jones 8/19/2012