Chronology of SPrite Vin Numbers


The following tables are based upon data in Anders Ditliv Clausager's Sprites and Midgets The Complete Story, as well as Terry Horler's Original Sprite's and Midgets and also the factory parts lists. The tables are not intended to be as comprehensive as horler's book, but they should be useful as a rough guide.

Date VIN Number Notes
March 1958 AN5/501 First production Sprite completed 5/31/1958
April 1958 AN5/641 Copper-grilled radiator core to improve cooling
June 1958 AN5/1606 Side Curtains revised
July 1958 AN5/3444 Tachometer cable shortend on RHD cars by 1"
January 1959 AN5/8927  
April 1959 AN5/15151 Road wheels welded together instead of rivited from now on.
August 1959 AN5/21546  
January 1960 AN5/30215  
April 1960 AN5/37492  
November 1960 AN5/49584 Last MkI Sprite assembled at Abbingdon. Some CKD kits assembled as late as February 1961
February 1961 HAN6/101 First production MkII Sprite VIN number allocated. MkII announced May 21
August 1961 HAN6/5660  
January 1962 HAN6/12247  
April 1962 HAN6/20093  
October 1962 HAN7/24732 First MkII Sprite with 1098cc engine
January 1963 HAN7/26622  
April 1963 HAN7/30515  
January 1964 HAN7/38828 Last MkII VIN Number assigned
January 1964 HAN8/38854 First MkIII Sprite assembled
March 1964 HAN8/38829 Mk III Sprite announced, first chassis number assigned
January 1965 HAN8/48873  
June 1965 HAN8/52666 Propshaft grease nipples deleted
January 1966 HAN8/57945  
March 1966 HAN8/60260 Longer front springs fitted for all markets
September 1966 HAN8/64737 Last MkIII Sprite VIN Number allocated
October 1966 HAN9/64735 MkIV Sprite production begins. Some cars were final assembled at Cowley in parallel with normal Abbingdon Production
January 1967 HAN9/64965 First cars built in 1967
March 1967 HAN9/67193 Cowley production ends
September 1967 HAN9/70268 reverse lights added to rear valence panel
November 1967 HAN9/72034 Introduction of special North American specification complete with smog controls, padded dash, and other safety features not availible in other markets.
January 1968 HAN9/72168  
March 1968 HAN9/73294  
October 1968 HAN9/76709 Temp guage changed to read C-N-H
December 1968 HAN9/77591 Front turn signals lowered on front fenders along with many other changes such as the addition of two post headrests (NA market), revised seat covers, reflectors on the fenders and other things emblematic of the 69 model year.
August 1969 HAN9/85286 Last HAN9 prefix
September 1969 HAN10/85287 First facelifted 1970 Sprite. No HAN10 cars exported to North America
January 1970 HAN10/85410 First Sprites built in 1970
August or October 1970 HAN10/86190 Last 1970 model followed by a break in numbers.
December 1970 HAN10/86802 Healey name dropped. Last Austin Healey ever produced. All Sprites are badged "Austin Sprites" from now on
January 27 1971 AAN10/86803 First Austin Sprite
July 6 1971 AAN10/87824 Last Sprite rolls off the line