Factory Parts Lists


These documents are in PDF Format and hosted here for historical reference. Some part numbers are still in use, try googling them. At the very least looking up the part in the factory catalogue can help understand how an assembly goes together and what the name of the part is. All non-spridget parts listings are for vehicles that share some parts with spridgets. This way owners of both spridgets and non spridgets can cross reference and find parts from more suppliers than would otherwise be possible. Most parts lists are bookmarked and searchable for ease of use. For best viewing, please set Acrobat to "Two Up Continuous" viewing.

The standrd parts fastener list can be used to decode part numbers for most of the part numbers you find in the service parts lists. this will allow you to easily find all the hardware you need from any harware store.

These documents are copyrighted by the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust and for a time were available on a CD-rom. As these discs are no longer in production I have been granted permission to post them here.