Tuning The A-Series Engine: The Definitive ManuaL

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Vizard, David Tuning The A-Series Engine: The Definitive Manual On Tuning For Performance Or Economy 3rd Edition © David Vizard 1999, Haynes Publishing, Sparkford, Nr Yeovil Somerset England

ISBN 1 85960 620 2

This book first appeared in 1985 after which it was reprinted 6 times before a 2nd edition was released in 1989, and went through 7 more printings before this third edition was released. It is quite popular and has long been regarded as the go to book for information on how to tune and build your engine. Its weakness for spridget owners is it's tendency to ignore some of the specific needs of those who own cars with the A-series mounted inline rather than transversely. However, its ability to explain some rather advanced concepts to the home mechanic makes this especially helpful. Vizard has made sure to do a lot of experimentation, testing and research to make the recommendations he does in this book, and that is worth a lot. Much can be adapted to inline applications if you know what you're doing. Perhaps a 4th edition focusing on adding more inline applications would address this.

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